About us

A Major Restaurant

The luxury of the place is not measured by its prices, but by its special atmosphere. This is the restaurant, where every element is regular like in Asia and innovative like in Europe. It is a special place for any person who can feel the joy of life.


• Be in the centre

Located in the oldest square of the city. Where the Nike figure adorns the Independence monument. Where the Saint Protection monastery keeps so quiet and History museum reveals the secrets of the past. It is located next to Rymarska and Sumska streets. At the crossroads of Universitetskaya street and Bursatsky descent. In the very heart of Kharkiv. And in the focus of its citizens, dwellers and guests.

• Create the unity of opposites

Befriend the mysterious traditions of multi-faceted Asia and modern culinary European trends. Asian reserved and Western bold natures. Unique natural and man-made products. The philosophy of flawless service and impeccable premium recreation.

• Stay the first

The first house of haute couture Pan-Asian cuisine in Kharkiv. The first restaurant in the city that offers a world renowned brand chef. The first place where premium quality refers to the ingredients and dishes, the cook and waiting teams, as well as to guests’ service and leisure.

Brand chef

His culinary talent has been appreciated in Asia, Europe, USA, Emirates and Australia. He is an experimentalist and innovator, a seeker of new tastes and stylistic mixes. A Japanese from Brazil specializing in the Pan-Asian cuisine Fabio Nakazato. Nikas Brand Chef.

He based the restaurant menu on the synthesis of styles, a play with flavours, a fusion of various national traditions, classical recipes and innovations. Everything for Nikas to offer its Guests the dishes that mesmerize, impress and delight.

Kitchen and Menu

Culinary processes are run by Chef Stanislav Nikulin, Nakazato’s follower. He met Fabio when opening a Nobu restaurant in Moscow. At that time Stas did not know yet that he would see a few years of practice in Italy, coaching in the Asian cuisine from Nakazato, joint development of the restaurant menu, whose brand chef would be the guru of cooking experiments.

Today Stanislav cooks exciting dishes by his own recipes. They unite Asian complexity, European fineness and Italian generosity with the taste of Ukraine. It is the sauces that make our chef’s culinary manner easily recognizable. Stanislav includes up to 15 ingredients in recipes, uses several cooking techniques, and enriches them with exquisite spices.

Most dishes on Nikas menu are the result of innovative interpretations. And also classics: the brightest achievements of Asia and Europe.

Robata grill and open kitchen

You can watch different ingredients becoming a bouquet of tastes right from the dining room. In the open kitchen area following classical technology Asian sushi and sashimi, nigiri, hosomaki and rolls are made. There is also a three-level grill. This is a traditional Japanese robata – an ancient invention of Hokkaido fishermen. Seafood, fish, vegetables and, naturally, meat reach a unique condition owing to being grilled on different levels of the grill. A special ventilation system does not allow smoke of the burning woods to spread inside.


The bar collection comprises around 150 beverages. These are liqueurs, wines and exotic distillates from the Continent, UK, North and South Americas and Asia. Here you can try whiskey from all the regions where it is produced, indulge yourself with French top class cognac, get to know Italian grappa, broaden your knowledge of tequila with Brazilian Cachaca, feel as if you were a Peruvian aborigine with strong pisco and immerse in the philosophy of selected Japanese sake.

Those who appreciate the age of wine, we offer large and rare vintages according to the Coravin system. To enjoy and relish the flavour of the greatest vintages you do not need to buy the whole bottle – with Coravin the best noble beverages are available by the glass. In addition, we will surprise new flavour seekers with genuine Japanese plum wine specifically ordered by Nikas and delivered to Kharkiv.

Space arrangement

The French windows of the main dining room face the city with its fuss, where you can find something new in architecture and catch the changeable spirit of the high streets. In summer glass sliding systems open onto the terrace with a panoramic view of the city centre.

For business meetings and negotiations a comfortable business area is provided. For special occasions – a hidden and secluded room that can seat up to 20 people. For those who love smoke ceremonies and hookahs – there is a cigar room.


The key words defining the interior style are individuality and eclectics. The finishing of natural materials, the synergy of metal, wood, stone and glass, multi-shade lighting, a sophisticated geometry of interwoven lines, enlarge space, the combination of designer’s solutions and greatness are the main foci in the restaurant design.

Travertine finishing of the open kitchen, natural ash-tree parquet, nut tree, oak and beech furniture are all a perfect match with ceramic and metal elements. Mirror surfaces create the play of light, which mysteriously transform the interior at night.

A huge handmade board in the central part of the main dining room is the climax of the interior design. The rays of the rising sun made of special copper alloy were finely made by Ukrainian artists.

The Earth element is represented with live exotic flowers. To provide them with required microclimate we use a dedicated air washing system. Therefore, the air slightly reminds the tropics.

In the facade finishing we used rare Brazilian granite, which was processed and customized in Germany to make panels creating the effect of water surface, glass and metal.

The restaurant design was voted the best in the Ukrainian competition The Interior of 2016.

Feel with us

The sense of Delight. Flavour. Spirits. The Moment. Lifestyle.


From 10AM to 11PM.